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Does Superfood Contain CoQ-10?

just wondering if Superfood contains coq10 in it. my doc believes i have adrenal fatigue/chronic fatigue, but i wont know until i do some blood work which will be in a few months when my insurance goes back into effect. she recommended vitamin C and coq10. thank in advance

No, but Receptormax does.

yeah i seen that it does, but good god that shits expensive. 90 bucks a month is a bit high for me. i may just buy a bottle of coq10 and try it, see if it helps. anyone here have any good experiences with this?

I don’t know the amount. The answer would be yes, but only a quite small amount.

Receptormax however does contain it in ample amounts, as well as other ingredients.

If you were to buy a brand other than Biotest, you should verify first that the material is sourced from Japan. Other CoQ-10, which is available at lower wholesale cost, is not up to par.

(Hadn’t seen byukid’s post.)

For practical purposes his “no” answer is correct. It was really just a question of me being precise in saying that there is a small amount. While not knowing the correct figure, for example it might well be only 1/1000th the amount in Receptormax.

thanks Bill, i appreciate that!

CoQ 10 has the greatest effect in people with hypertension, as statins tend to naturally push CoQ 10 out of the cardiac muscles. The ReceptorMax will help with not only that, but making you more insulin sensitive so that your body will be quicker to absorb/use nutrients.

Let us know how it goes, OP!