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does such a product exist?

At the risk of sounding foolish I would like to ask if there is any type of substance (prescription or otherwise) that would coax your body into producing more ATP? I read some where that the average person has around 3 oz. of ATP dispersed through the body in a state of rest. Is it possible to “trick” the body into feeling that more is nessesary? Thanks.

I don’t know the exact amount of ATP in our body at any given time, but I do know that ATP is highly regulated and it is very unlikely that you can store more. Also, this amount of ATP is good for about 1-2 seconds of activity and then you use various metabolic pathways for the re-phosphoralization of ADP to ATP. The only metabolic pathway that has any benefit for bodybuilders in the Phosphocreatine pathway. During exercise (especially hard anaerobic exercise), creatine supplies the first 15-30 seconds of energy before anaerobic glycolysis takes over. Supplementing with creatine, increases the amount of time you spend utilizing the phosphocreatine pathway which is a good thing because lactic acid (product of anaerobic glycolysis) production is postposed and fatigue is postponed. So the answer to your question is no, but your ability to resynthesize ATP and prolong fatigue is markedly enhanced with creatine supplementation.

Doesn’t DNP mess with ATP production?