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Does Stretching Release Testosterone?


Most testosterone is released in the first 27 minutes or of exercise and drops off sharply after 45 minutes.

Does anyone know if stretching signals the body to start releasing testosterone? Does anyone know if a 5 minute light cardio warm up releases testosterone.


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Exercise doesn't do jack shit for any significant increase in testosterone. Your average level is your average level, and that's it.


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Squatting down on the can interferes with my leg recovery.




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I heard only isolation exercises done in the squat rack release test



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For the OP, a 5 minute cardio warmup will produce roughly the testosterone equivalent of a mild steroid cycle. To boost your testosterone further, studies have shown doing 5 minutes of cardio between each set in the weight room will produce the equivalent of a heavy androgen cycle, also potentially creating a third testicle.


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