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Does Starting at 200mcg Sound Right?

Hi just got put on TRT for have 200ng/dL on blood work and doc started me on 200mcg test-cyp is the the normal starting dose or is he just being very conservative?

Real quick, I’m assuming mcg was a typo and the dose is 200mg. Correct?

“Normal” dosing depends on several variables, but 200mg per week isn’t uncommon. Regardless of the dose, you’ll proceed the same way - monitor how you feel as well as your bloodwork numbers and adjust when, or if, needed.

No wasn’t a typo that’s what he told me 200 micro grams I also questioned him when he told me and he said that it was a normal starting dose. And also wants to come in every other week which I didn’t not think was a good idea I wanted to go every week

I wasn’t aware that Test Cyp could be dosed in micrograms, so I’m super-confused. Unless he knows more about what’s going on in your body than you’ve mentioned here (more detailed labwork, past medical issues, etc.), I think you’re right to see this as a red flag. I don’t even know if or how the body would respond to a dose that small.

Every other week is also unfortunately common, but like you suspect, definitely not optimal. Weekly is much more common and a solid place to start. Again, unless he’s seeing more of the picture, I’d talk your concerns over with him.

We went over all of my blood work together he said he liked what he saw everywhere else that’s why we are moving forward with the therapy I know I am not giving so much info I am just so knew to this but I did do a lot of research before taking this step but so far I am not happy with what is going on but every time I brought something up to him he just dismissed it and would give me a long dragged out answer or just short.

It’s your call then. I’d either follow his protocol as suggested for a month or two and monitor how you feel, or find a doctor that doesn’t dismiss you (which means spending that time not being treated), or do both - research doctors in your spare time while giving this guy a shot. Lame pun not intended.

I really am interested what a 200mcg Test injection would be like, in terms of practicality. It’s just such a teeny tiny amount.

I’ll talk to him again when I go next week and see what his plans are he said we are going to do blood work again on my third shot so I’ll see what happens and post results but thank you for taking the time and answering my questions greatly appreciate it

Man, I don’t know, there’s a disconnect somewhere with that dosing. 200mcg is .2mg which is nothing, like 2-3% of what is produced naturally, your levels could vary more than that on a daily or even hourly basis.

200mg once every 2 weeks is fairly common if archaic dosing protocol, which sounds closer to what they’re recommending. I’m still dialing in my dosing, but 200mg/2weeks wasn’t pleasant, that second week sucked for me.

You can try it, but I’d probably start looking elsewhere for someone thats more up to date on the state of the art in trt therapy.

Trust me, it’s not mcg, it’s mg. OP is confused, understandably so, but don’t go down the rabbit hole.

It’s 200 mg E2W, or 100 mg per week, pretty standard and pretty shitty.

I’m really hoping he had a glitch when we were talking because I agree with you guys that 200mcg made no sense to me I even asked him a few times and he answered with the same dose but I will ask again when I go back Monday to get my second shot

I don’t even know why you are giving him any more energy.

Go to www.worldlinkmedical.com find the directory and use any of the docs from here.

Dr. Rouzier website above. All those in his DB are trained and approved to pravtice hormone therapy by him.

Dr. Rouzier is the educator of the top trt docs out there. You can’t go wrong using his certified docs.


When did you guys start to feel the difference and stop me if I over stepping the forum rules I am just super new and have so many questions I don’t want to be a bother

In days it’s up and down. Weeks out you might feel it, but you are probably going to feel worse eventually than before you started.

With a proper doc it takes 2-4 months. With a shitty doc you might not even reach even keel until you switch docs and find someone who knows how to dial you in. Just spinning your wheels.

Follow my suggestion above. You are in for a painful ride going to the doc you have.

I’ll take my Ferrari to a qualified mechanic and you are taking your Ferrari to the local Sunoco mechanic.

Good luck

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Am sure you are getting 200 mg . This is ok since you can then inject 100 mg a week. Hopefully he lets you self inject. Even if the Dr does not know much if you are knowledgeable enough, you get the script from the Dr and inject on your own schedule.

@enackers that’s a great link. Thanks for sharing.

There a Dr not to far from me. But he’s a cosmetic gynecologist. Lol.
He does bhrt according to his website and looks like under the instructions from Dr rouzier.

States does for men to.

Maybe wife will go. Need to get her libido up so I can have more sex

And takes my insurance

Called his office. He takes insurance but covers only consultantion, gyno visits.
Charges upfront about 2k first year (for bhrt program) plus meds which come from Utah. So meds for women about 100-150 a month.

Found out he does cream for men. It sounds like he does not prescribe injection in general.

@highpull for my wife. She’s 42. You have me advice previous about her. She is obese. Has mild CAD. If she starts on bhrt, is is for life? Do you suggest she lose weight first? Or would this bhrt solve that too?


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Wow thanks for the replies guys I am going to check out the website and see if there’s a doc near me

So Those docs have all paid to study and listen to his lectures on hrt. It is very interesting that this type of doc picked up on it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he or she had hormonal issues and educated themselves via his clinics or whatever you call them. That’s how Nichols and his wife got started.

Good news is that his cost is what majority of private these TRT docs charge. Year 2 it’s usually 500$ less and etc. ask for a military discount if applicable.

I bet he does offer injections, but cream is probably his primary go to. For woman the creams probably a great route. Especially if you want to improve upon libido :slight_smile:

Subscribe to this guys channel and check out these videos when you find the time

Here is a great Vid with dr Rouzier and Nichols wife who recently became an approved provider via Rouzier

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Here is one with Serrano. All were made over the weekend and I found some new info I had never known. Many debunked bro science myths as well.

There is your first clue that you doctor has no clue what he’s doing, these every other week protool need to stop being prescribed considering the half life on the hormone is 7-8 days.

Perhaps it would be in the best interest for your doctor to educate himself a little bit before getting his feet wet in TRT, a clinic study came out on 2005 which men were injected with 200mg every 2 weeks and after 6 days testosterone levels were below the therapeutic ranges and estrogen still elevated making the men estrogen dominant.

All your doctor is good for is writing the script, you will have to educate yourself and figure out what works best for you because your doctor may not be interested in learning TRT for the fact that he has recommended the every 2 week protocol.

You may even find you feel better on multiple doses per week as opposed to only one, SHBG levels are a good indicator for selecting an injection frequency, the lower the SHBG, the more frequent and smaller the injection.

Depends, buy probably yes, as long as she wants to feel good. I’d start now, getting her hormones straightened out will help her lose the weight.

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