Does Spiking Insulin Before and During Training Block GH Stimulation?

Not sure how to phrase a simple question here. Obviously getting insulin working with carbs before and during training is key to long term anabolism, but since the peri-workout insulin spike would logically block GH release, is there a benefit in training during some cycles, or some workouts without spiked insulin so that you can benefit from the GH boost?

I understand that GH is not a major anabolic hormone (in healthy men), but HGH tend to block inflammation and thereby reduce cortisol levels, and also heal overuse injuries, so is there a benefit in having GH stimulating workouts (no insulin spike) and “anabolic” workouts where you utilize the insulin spike for growth?

That’s my understanding, although I believe it’s more to do with pre and intra carbs than spiking insulin per se given amino acid leucine can do this on its own but is not significant enough to take someone out of ketosis. Apparently certain lactate-inducing workouts can generate a notable amount of GH, which would be blunted by pre/intra carbs as would optimum fat burning. Of course, that doesn’t seem a popular view anymore as pre/intra carbs is very much in fashion these days. Not sure I totally buy it but just my opinion. In answer to your question, I think you can’t go wrong with cycling WO nutrition especially if you’re doing training with a view to generating lactate.

Most of your bodys HGH is created during the night. Eating calories around training is much more important than the subtle boost Gh you get from a training session

The whole rationale for this is that’s it’s an appreciable amount of GH release. That’s why that type of training has been used for decades for body recomposition.

Look at some studies about injected GH 4 times the amount your body makes in a day. The evidence is just not there that Gh is a primary anabolic agent. Helps with joint? Yes. Does it help with fat loss yes. Don’t major in the minors, carbs around a workout will provide much more benefit than the very small high release

Not a primary anabolic agent? That’s completely false. Now I don’t know what science you’re referring to but the view for some time now is that lactate training can result in up to nine times the level of GH normally produced. Not too shabby.