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Does Soreness Mean Growth?

I have a question about soreness. Let’s say I work out and don’t feel sore. Does that mean I didn’t work out hard enough? Because sometimes even after hard work out I dont feel sore. Does soreness mean growing for sure???

soreness means you need more carbs and protein.

[quote]Spacemunkee wrote:
soreness means you need more carbs and protein.[/quote]

Educate yourself some… Just because you read that somewhere doesn’t mean it’s the end all answer to this question.

Soreness could mean a lot of things. It’s the type of soreness that matters. There are a lot of articles on here about that.



I dont really get ‘sore’ after workouts anymore,but if it was a good workout one should feel tight muscles and be a lil stiff the next day…

In reality, soreness and growth aren’t as connected as you might think. You can grow without soreness and you can get sore without really getting any growth.

You should be measuring your workouts by whether or not you’re getting any stronger/bigger, not by pain the next day.

I agree with you on that but in the short term it helps to know if you had a good work out if you are stiff the next day…

Sure, jump right in with a question that is sure to be a strongly felt and varied opinion in everyone!

Is it Coach Staley that has a catchy phrase about this? Something about not seeking pain?

Anyway, the gist is, though you may get some soreness (especially if you do something new) here and there, don’t change or extend your workouts just because you want to be sore all the time.

Anyway, I hope I haven’t murdered the concept too badly… but that is what I took from the notion.

Sore muscles plus extra calories = muscle growth

Just because you have sore muscles doesn’t mean they’re growing.
But once you are sore from working out
and feed your body you’ll grow.

Weight lifting stimulates

Calories make them grow

You know what they say

No gain,
NO gain.

The pain bit is optional.

Nobody really knows WTF causes the soreness. There are tonnes of theories but in my opinion there isn’t enough research into it.

Of course I could be wrong, maybe they’ve done some recent research into it and I haven’t seen it. Heck they could have done it in the past 5 years and I wouldn’t have seen it, it ain’t my specialty. If anyone has any scientific info please post it.

You do not need to be sore to get gains. If not sore then perhaps you could have worked out a bit harder.

Note there are degrees of soreness, too. I think you probably should be a little sore, at least.

For me it usually kicks in about 48 hours later and could last a day from then.

Whether or not soreness is an indicator of a good workout, I am the kind of person that feeds off having sore muscles the next day. Whether or not the soreness actualy means anything, it helps my confidence in an irrational sort of way.

[quote]Spacemunkee wrote:
soreness means you need more carbs and protein.[/quote]

Soreness also means you should try some Flameout… If it’s in stock.