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Does Sleeping Late Affect Gains? Help!


Guys I have a question does sleeping early make any difference on muscle growth like sleeping at 10pm-6am (8 hours)ed and will it maximise the effect of the muscle growth during bulking, if i sleep late like 2am like that despite waking up late or early will lose my muscle and will it make the muscle to not grow? Sometimes I sleep late due to insomnia but I do wake up late and still managed wake before 9-10 just to get my breakfast but sometimes I skipped though. Moreover, can you advice about sleeping issues on bodybuilding and I’m really worried about gains and afraid that I won’t grow muscles because of this. Thanks


More sleep = better growth and recovery. Nothing that should really give you stress, just sleep as much as you can. ZMA and melatonin can help give you a more restful sleep.


Actually, studies have shown that the pull of the moon between the hours of 9-11:30 have the greatest effect on muscle growth.

Seriously… You need to sleep & eat to recover. Try and get 8 hours. I second ZMA.

Z12 is even better, imo.


Particular time? For sleep and tor waking up?


Thanks man!:slight_smile::slight_smile: That looks like solid tips. So I should sleep at around 9.30 but wake at 5am (8 hours)?


There’s no “optimal time” to sleep. You sleep when you can and your sleeping patterns are widely different depending on how you work or go to school.


What if the particular sleeping patterns made it skipped the breakfast time if you woke up late and I heard breakfast was the important meal of the day since u start the 1st meal as a breakfast. When u woke up late the there’s no breakfast and your 1st meal will called as lunch tho. Any opinions on that since people said eat breakfast to accelerate the growth?


Just lift, eat and sleep.
Who cares if you call it breakfast or lunch. Just eat.

Uncle Bird


Breakfast is the first meal you eat no matter when you wake up. If you wake up at 4 in the afternoon, the first meal is still basically your breakfast.


Basically this. You don’t need X number of meals. You need X number of calories depending on what it is you are trying to accomplish.

You don’t need to sleep between X and Y hours. You need to sleep enough to recover.


I don’t think I’ve had a good night’s sleep since I had kids. My daughter (age 1) was in bed with us last night because she couldn’t sleep. My eyes were closed for 8 hours but I don’t know how much sleep I actually got. All you lifters with no kids and the ability to get 8 hours of sleep and choose not to can physically fight me.


Then when he’s done with you, I’ll come in.

My own experience is that if you get your nutrition 90% or more right, sleep is something you can fudge a fair bit. If you can get one decent seven to eight hour sleep every five to seven days, the other days you can function well enough on maybe four or five hours sleep. Less than four hours and you’re pushing it though.

Not too sure how well that applies to aesthetics training though, I’m guessing maybe less so because the goal is primarily adding size. Still, you should be OK if you’re eating mostly well but your sleep is maybe around 60-70% of what is theoretically required.


This year I train with a trainer and he suggested me sustanon 250mg /week that was my second cycle and its with the bulking clean diet(finished late february). Overall plan was bulking withour much fatand I did everything except that I sleep early and woke up early around 6am to start the 1st meal so that I can fit total of 6/7 meals/perday actually I woke around 9-10am but sleep late around 2 due to insomnia. I didn’t bulk much after 8 weeks and I noticed that I just put on some muscle fibers which is few pounds only but it’s too little(from 77 to 81kg since there was mild water weight) I ask the trainer why didnt I gain much and he replied me that ‘you didn’t sleep and woke up early that’s why u didn’t put on much muscle’ and I did felt I looked the same with few mini cm of growth. But now thanks to you guys and I’m getting the answers I needed though. I do Learning some good info’s!!


If your trainer recommended you take gear and that you didn’t see gains because you didn’t sleep during the right time of night then he’s a complete fucking asshat that should have his license revoked


Also, was he the one who supplied you with your sustanon cycle? If yes, odds are that he just sold you shit and is making excuses.


I agreed, I was thinking the same and he said it could give me sustainable gain for lifetime lol and I wasn’t very sure at that time since I didn’t know really much about the gears and moreover, he also told me that, the gear will fuck you up if you take high dosages


Lol its hard to find the right people to train with, you know but I hope to train myself onwards until I seen a good trainer! Praise the Lord.