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Does Sermorelin Suppress GHRH, or Down-Regulate Any Receptors?

I am looking into Sermorelin, using 0.2mg once daily (either at night or first thing in the morning).

My Dr. says there is no need to cycle Sermorelin, it does not suppress any signaling or hormonal process, but I am concerned that GHRH [growth hormone releasing hormone] - the hormone signal to produce GH - could be suppressed with prolonged usage, OR a receptor could be down-regulated, or something. I have this concern because:
1) Sermorelin is performing GH-release signaling, like GHRH.
2) I have read ~some t-nation threads discussing this, but I cannot find a clear reference or answer. Example below, the top of the “cut and paste research” reply from hrdlvn.

Does anyone have a clear answer / reference for if Sermorelin suppresses GHRH, or can cause down-regulation of any receptor process?

Thanks, and sorry if my question isn’t perfectly clear.


Thanks, I’ll reach out.

My Dr. got back to me on this question, he said he isn’t aware of any research that covers this. He said he has had patients/clients come off Sermorelin before without issue (obviously they don’t continue to have the benefits of Sermorelin, but they don’t fall off a cliff either, like they were discontinuing TRT all of a sudden).

Still need to learn more, if possible…

I’m unreal24278, will reply soon