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Does Sarah Connor Chronicles Suck?


I'm all hyped for T-Salvation, but apparently its based from Sarah Connor Chronicles...Having watched some youtube videos, it looks pretty wack, very low budget. Is this show any good? Worth watching before I see the new movie?


Cocaine is a hell of a drug.


I believe you've been misinformed.


the show was awesome. Though I do believe they're not bringing it back for a 3rd season. And after the way the 2nd season ended, that makes sense.

show kicked ass


I loved that show! It would really be sad if they didn't bring it back. Fox is just terrible at marketing their good shows (Arrested Development anyone?)



I don't think they're bringing back Dollhouse either.


Your avatar is hilarious.


From what I've read ratings are not based upon online views or TiVo recordings.

I only watch shows online, and I'm sure many people record on TiVo as well, doesn't help shows that are on Friday nights and such.

Not sure if this is why the show is being canceled but I'm sure ratings had something to do with it


Awesome show, definitely NOT low budget.

Only up to the first series on pay TV here in Oz (as per usual), gonna have to download the 2nd now that I've heard that!


The ratings were low, but they weren't any lower than some of the crap that got renewed on Fox. It didn't help that they changed the night it was on halfway through the season. Friday night isn't the right night for a show like that. Fox put Firefly on Friday night as well and we all know how well that worked out. You'd think Fox would have learned from their mistakes by now. I guess they still have idiots working there.

Also, it's not final that it's been canceled. The producers of the show say they've heard nothing definite from Fox yet about the cancellation of the show. They also reminded everyone that they were supposedly canceled after the first season, too.

However, my money is on that it won't be back. Oh well...


I watched an episode.

It sucked.


I read this post.

You also suck.

See, I can judge something based on limited information, too.


Hahaha! Personally I thought it was excellent for a TV show.


if it's on TV, and it's not SouthPark, it sucks




How can you watch something with Summer Glau in it and say that it sucekd???

She's totally hot.