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Does Running After Lifting Ruin Your Workout?

I’m considering doing some running, mainly easy paced for 15-25 minutes, after strength training (3x per week, full body, alternate press/bench, 1x front squat, 1x deadlift, 1x pistol squat, pull-ups or rows superset with pressing). I’m considering this to be time efficient, to give myself three good days where I stretch, strength train, and get some light conditioning.

My primary goal is strength, but I don’t want my running to go to shit. I’m thinking that if I have some BCAAs/protein and carbs after the strength work, I shouldn’t have a problem.

Edit: I should also clarify the meaning of “ruin your workout.” By this I mean will running after a workout inhibit strength gains.

Why would it?

Sprinters do it all the time.

Start easy. Any time you add something, something else takes a hit.


No it does not, /end thread. It might take away from your ability to recover if you do really intense and/or long runs and do them often, but that’s it.