does protein de-nature

I mixed up some protein on Sunday and left in my fridge until today… i drank it and it has an aftertaste that usually isn’t there… is this stuff still good to drink? It kinda smells too, I drank most of it but it really tasted funky. I don’t want to waste my money by throwing it out. Wat should I do?

Hey. I put my protein shake in the fridge as well, but have not experienced any such difficulty, in fact, it adds a lot of taste to it. I use American Whey and add Surge during bulk cycles. But if your protein smells old, then it probably is. What protein do you use, and how old is it?

I use Nature Best - IsoWhey. I got 5lbs. for only 50 bucks CAN at the Gold’s Gym here in Mississauga, Ontario. I’ve never had problems with the stuff when I drink it as soon as I mix it. I have noticed that it gets funky on me if I leave it out a while or drink it a day or 2 later. I mixed in some Interactive Glutamine Stack(2.5 l-glut and 2.5 glut.pep/serving) in it, maybe that did it. I know glutamine peptides are know to taste nasty, but small price for a DEISEL Body.

Throw it out. You have most likely started a nice little lab project there. How long a protein drick can remain fresh depends on a number of factors. But because it is in liquid form it is easier for you to digest and also easier for the bacteria too. I would not keep a protein drink for long than three days in the frig. That is unless you want the runs at the least. Could make squatting tough.
Best of Luck.

Definitely throw it out. Low quality protein powder degrades in liquid when left for periods of several days. Also glutamine does taste discusting, but even worse, this stuff completely degrades after a short time in solution.