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Does protein cause osteoporosis?

In my University newspaper, there is a liberal who spreads his vegetarian propoaganda every week. He tries to convince people that meat, or protein in general, is evil. He says that, “The more protein in the diet, the greater of incidence of negative calcium balance because the extra protein washes calcium and other minerals out of the body.” I looked in a few nutrition journals and sure enough, they back that point up. If this is true, then wouldn’t a lot of bodybuilders end up with osteoporosis? Anyone disagree or agree here? Let me know what you think of this. Thanks -RuggerStiff

Check the articles, not just the abstracts,
and see if calcium/phosphorus balance was
held constant between the high protein and
low protein cases. If not, the conclusion
is invalid (or rather should be, “diets
that are both higher in protein and lower
in calcium relative to phosphorus may lead
to bone loss.”)

In practice, athletes with high protein
intake have higher bone density than
vegetarian non-athletes. Weight training
athletes in particular hardly have problems
with osteoporosis, “despite” their typically
high protein diets.

Thanks Bill.

Unfortunately most colleges are as far to the left as the former hooved first lady. I took a
nutrition class and ran into the same thing. I don’t know how people can be so dogmatic but
they are. I argued with the teacher quite a lot. She usually wouldn’t debate me and would
change the subject. They are used to having a class full of people who don’t know any thing.
The students think they are getting facts when in reality it is an out dated opinion. I feel sorry for any one who follows the diet recommendations they make. Don’t get me started on the sociology class. It should have been called socialism. I guess you have a choice of debating them and pissing them off or ignoring it. Obviously there are some good teachers out there too.

There is a post directly related to this that was listed yesterday asking for help refuting a teacher’s claim that protien would harm his kidneys.
One study that 2 responses cited showed no abnormal calcium retention or excretion.
Find that post.
And refer the guy to www.beyondveg.com (a wonderful site)
As for arguing with this person I have found that many people, especially those on vegitarian diets, like being militant and believing that others are doing harm to themselves by not adhering to their diet. I’d just send him the sources you have as POLITELY as possible so that he/she doesnt feel that you are trying to prove them wrong.
A lot of the time militant people just like being militant. :o)

Too many college professors are teaching a book, instead of the subject matter. I remember one particular class I attended where an arguement between the professor and a student started. It ended something like this…

Student: I read in (x) and (y), and they said just the opposite of what you’re saying. Are you saying they’re wrong?

Prof: I’m the one teaching this class, it’s your job to learn from me. I gave the text for this class, why are you looking elsewhere?

Student: Well excuse me for studying the subject!

Prof: Do you want to teach this class?

Student: No, but I wish you would.