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Does Powerlifting Stunt Your Growth?


JW, doing heavy squats, deadlifts, and clean & jerks, will that stunt your growth as far as height is concerned, I'm 19 right now.


No. Running and jumping put a lot more stress on the growth plates than powerlifting. You will be fine.



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At you age...NO. Improper weight training can damage and fuse growth plates. You will be fine


If you were 8, yes. 19? No no no.


19! You're not going to grow anymore most likely. Shit dude, I have been 5'6" since I was 11!


If you are truly happy with your current height, I suggest taking up smoking.


whoever told you that, never listen to another word they say. they make shit up.


lol. Yeah unless you have some sort of medical condition or are a LATE bloomer you won't grow anymore anyway.

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My belief, overtraining plus lack of nutrtion and sleep will stunt your growth.


They're all lying to you.
Yes, powerlifting (clean and jerks!?) will stunt your growth the very first time you do a double or single... And if you continue you'll shrink down to 5'2. Don't do it!

Seriously man, where do people get ideas like this...


Yes, you'll be 5 feet flat but you'll be hyoogerz