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Does PCT Work or Is It Just a Bridge?

Hi guys iam new here
I have been working hard for about 7 years now my muscle mass is very good and iam 27 years old, and i really want to start my first cycle but my coach told me something very important that after cycle PCT its only bridge to another cycle you can’t stop cycling roids and if you start just one cycle and run PCT after PCT your hormones Wil start to crash he really terrified me of taking any trt cycle, so what do you think about it.

The vast majority of guys who cycle then pct are able to do so for many, many years without having the problems your coach is describing.

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He told me that clomi and nolvadex will block estrogen during pct but after you stop taking clomid and nolva estroge will increase again in blood an will cause you gyno an other problems this my concern so please help according to you experiments

Your coach does not want you to cycle because some/many never can get back to normal. That said his story is total bullshit. That is just not how it all works.


So why many never can get back to normal you mean after just one cycle or years of cycles

You’re changing how your body functions. Sometimes it doesn’t come back to normal. It usually does. Bodies are resilient. But no guarantees. That’s the risk of steroids.


Yes with just one cycle. We won’t even address can you get your hands on clean drugs.
When you inject T your natural T and sperm production shuts down completely. You are sterile.
When some stop there system they just start right back up. Some can help the process with a PCT if done correctly. Some never can get restarted. Google primary and secondary Male hypogonadism.

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Thanks alot i will do more research.

When you cycle your pituitary gland no longer produces LH and FSH and your testis no longer produce sperm or T. Getting the pituitary gland and testis to start working again can be very tricky. If you F-up you will be on TRT($$$) for the next 50 years. Stabing yourself 2-3 times a week.

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LOL :joy: this is exactly what he told when i decided to start TRT cycle you know it is scaring thing but i want to try.

Did you do a pre TRT blood test? Post it up we can help with suggestions.
Be sure to take the detailed info out like name and addy.

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I will do TRT blood test and absolutely i will share it here to have advices.
Thanks again.

Without knowing the exact words your coach said,

Yes your estrogen can spike after PCT. A few of us just react that way. The bro science method of dealing with it is to taper your SERM dosage. Not really sure if this would actually help those guys that are succeptable to the spike.

“PCT is a bridge to the next cycle” During PCT we artificially tell your bodies to release the hormones that tell our balls to make testosterone. It’s like a “kick start” for our HPTA loup. Without that artificial means making your body tell it self to make test some guys do have a serious post PCT crash when their body finally ends up with no appreciable test in it. Some guys do have real issues getting this loup turned back on. Ultimately PCT is still an artificially made or supported state of hormones in your body.

Is it just a bridge? Your coach wants you to know that most guys get on gear and just keep using it. You can be addicted to anything, including gear. So yeah a lot of guys cycle, PCT, spend a few weeks like this then get right back on another cycle. They don’t want to go back to the regular natural state after the feeling they get on cycle.

There was something in one of the comments that made me feel like I should put this next part in. If during a cycle you work up to 275 lbs and 5% body fat then never touch steroids again, even if you have perfect recovery and regain ALL pre cycle natural testosterone production, you will loose muscle. Your lean body mass will go down to whatever your natural production can support. It’s different for every guy. Some guys loose it quickly some it takes months and months for it to “deflate.” The lean mass you end up at is called your natural limit or natural potential. Provided everything is perfect and you keep working out. X amount of testosterone can only support Y amount of muscle. It is as simple as that.
If you want to stay at 275lbs and 5% body fat then you will need artificial testosterone at whatever dose it takes for you to keep that mass.

All that said, and my impression, that others seem to have and already have commented on is, he wants to scare you. He either wants to scare you away from the idea forever or make sure you are seriously committed and understanding the real risks. That is a good and moral coach. Chances are he has used gear before and he realizes what it means to be in this world.
You are a grown man who has obviously been working at a goal. If you feel you need the artificial or synthetic means to get to the next level then keep learning and make an informed decision. I personally love using gear! Your coach is just making sure you know the risks so you will learn what you need to know if you so choose to go down this road.


You are great man and your answer also great.
You understand my coach goal of telling me this about TRT i really appreciate your answer and I will educate my self more and more to have the right decision.
Thanks again friend