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Does OT Work This Quick?

hey fellas, i finally started my first cycle yesterday i took 12.5mgs ot every 6 hours 3times a day worked out chest/traps/tris/bis, it was a good work out but pretty regular

today i repeated the dosage and i just got done working legs and i dont know if its the ot but i had an amazing work out 4sets of squats ending with 5reps with 455lbs, hacks with 5 plates on each side for 4sets/10 reps, stiff leg deads with 315 for 4sets/6 rep,walking lunges and finished with calves on the leg press

can i attribute this to the ot or is it more a psychological thing?anyone have a similar experience?

you sound like a strong mofo, good job… I think OT kicks in pretty quick; alas, the only oral I have used is winstrol…

[quote]lu79 wrote:
hey fellas, i finally started my first can i attribute this to the ot or is it more a psychological thing?anyone have a similar experience?[/quote]

I guess it’s placebo. But placebo is good. If you don’t believe it works you can be right in your belief and suppress the real effect when it comes. So it’s better to fool yourself into believing it already is working.

It kicks in after a few days or 1 and a half week for me. Maybe you’re an exception. Your dose is on the low side btw. I would bump it up to 50 mg per day.


Thanx for the input guys i was planning on starting at 37.5mg the first week then 50 for the next 5 weeks but i might just go with 50mg starting today and thanx for the warning on those back pumps

24 hours is a bit quick for the kicked in feeling. But whatever works. Like dbol you should feel the effects within a few days and obviously you seem to be. Back pumps are less with OT than dbol for most. I would concur that OT needs a dosage closer to 50-75mg ED, especially as a stand alone.

As i remember if you do get back pumps taurine helps stomp them out.
-As a side note my friend (collegiate swimmer) took 40mg a day and got over an inch on his arms in the first week. It was also his first cycle ever

this is my first cycle as well but iam also taking 500mgs sust/400mgs eq i was thinking i took the sust yesterday which contains propionate how quick does it kick in?

you should start noticing some sust effects after week 2 imo. but everyone is different