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Does Oatmeal Have to be Cooked?


I used to cook it a long time ago, but for the last 10 years or so I just eat it raw, if that is the right term (just out of the cannister). A habit I picked up from someone else at school. Does it change nutritional quality if cooked I wonder? I mainly just eat it like I do for convenience. Anyone else do it?


Eating it raw is fine...in highschool I would but it in a blender with two scoops of protein and milk.....It does taste like saw dust though. I prefer cooked in waterand with fruits.


i use to eat it uncooked with just some milk and a scoop of whey in it, now i cook it just because it tastes nicer cooked.


I blend it in my shake or put some raw amount on top of my cooked oats. I agree with Kerley though.


Raw oats contain poisonous lectins. How ever rolled oats are still cooked in a way. Rolled and treated. I've never seen reall raw grains. So eating them out of the packet without boiling them is fine, better on the energy release side, worse on the chance that all the lectins may not be destroyed.


Great call on the lectins Woody. I had no idea that raw oats were such a high source until you brought it up. For all who know little about lectins, it is worth noting that they are not only cytotoxic, but are beleived to be organotoxic, damaging various mechanisms and organs in the body, including being thought to increase incidents of Leptin resistance (I, too, just found this out, and it seems to be a decent correlation). In other words, it's not just bad for you, it may also inhibit your goals in the gym.

Besides this, there is also phytic acid in significantly higher degrees than cooked oats. Phytic acid can is an anti-nutrient, meaning that it lowers or eliminates the bioavailability of certain minerals. This is not a big concern for those eating a balanced diet, but is worth noting.

Still, raw oats with some milk and chocolate whey is delicious.


i like it better uncooked and can eat more of it so i dont cook mine anymore


Ive been eating raw oatmeal for a while now just because its a convenient meal for school when i have no access to a stove. It seems to do just as good of a job as cooked oatmeal. But i must say choking it down is quite the hassle.


i eat it with water and a scoop of myofusion. its a lot more convenient than cooking it


Christ, I eat about 2 cups of raw oats every day. It usually takes about 3 minutes to prepare and consume some oats blended up with whey and milk. I can't imagine cooking them and having to chew that slop.
I would love to see some literature on this.


Agreed. Shelby Starnes recommends it for most of his clients. Just put it in a cup with some protein and drink it. No need to cook it, grind it, etc. It's such a basic staple that if you can't just suck it up and down it, there's always horseback riding.


My morning meal consists of 2 cups of raw oats and 2 scoops of whey (Metabolic Drive) blended in a blender with water. I've been doing this for 10 years. I'm pretty sure I don't have lectin poisoning (whatever the hell that is).


75g, a generous amount of water... blast that in the microwave for a couple of mins, stirring every now and again. Make it just a little bit thinner then you would like to eat it as it will thicken as it cools.

I enjoy mine semi cooked =]

Add some chopped up apple... some splenda... some cinnamon... yum!

I tend not to mix my oats with my whey however - I have a protein shake on the side.