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Does Oatmeal Break Up Well...

in a blender? I’m on a bulking diet and sometimes when I’m on the go I just throw two cups of dry oatmeal (old-fashioned) into a jar with milk and protein powder, add a little water to dilute it, and shake it up for a quick P+C meal. The problem is, when I get close to the bottom it basically turns into what looks and tastes like cold oatmeal that was cooked and left in the fridge a couple of days. Does anyone ever throw oatmeal in the blender? Does it actually grind it down more than it already is? Or does it still have a pretty grainy texture? I could handle it for awhile, but now that texture is getting to me, as it’s hard just basically drinking cold oatmeal. Thanks.

I’ve done is put it in the blender with everything else, use the highest speed and let it go for about a minute. If you pour this into a shaker bottle for later use you can shake it up really well between sips to get a lot of the oatmeal “powder” off the bottom. Another idea is if you just dump the oatmeal into a food processor and see how well that would cut up the oatmeal. While I wouldn’t expect a world of difference, it might make for finer grains.

Try nuking a few cups the night before and putting it in the fridge. Then, then next morning or whenever you need a P + F meal, just scoop out a cup and toss it in the blender. It should mix up muxh better and distribute well. Hope this helps.

mash it up in a coffee grinder - it gives it the consistency of flour

I agree with Trev. Just microwave it for a bit (you don’t have to cook it all the way) and mix that in with your shakes. It mixes perfectly.

Thanks for the replies guys. Your suggestions were a big help.

I mix dry oatmeal along with my protein shake (and gatorade) + glutamine powder every morning to start off the day. I put in about 3/4 to 1 whole cup of oatmeal. I only have to mix it for about 10 seconds. Much longer, the drink starts to get thick. I drink it quickly and there is no sludge at the bottem. Also, I believe that if the oatmeal gets too fine, its nutritional value is diminished.