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Does November 2nd Matter?


Its less then 90 days till election time and it seems for the most part the Republicans winning the primaries are primarily keynesian.

Its less then 90 days away and their is no plan, they seem to be running on I am not a democrat so vote for me, what is the unified goal? What exactly are you going to cut?

It seems the closer we get the more I am realizing that we need a 3rd party.



That's what the democrats ran on in 2008 and it worked out pretty well.


I am sure it will work out well, but what will really change?


Here's what I've wrote before and I still feel this way:

"I am definitely reaching a point where I think 'Why should I show up to vote when everyone on the ballot is a dumbass?' I look at what goes on in Washington--on the right and the left--and I feel like I'm on fucking candid camera and there's an audience at home waiting for me to flip the fuck out. You have right ... See Morewingers who constantly compare Obama and the Dems to Hitler (literally), but the most remarkable thing about Obama (aside from a good number of truly atrocious policies and decisions) is his complete inability to take a principled stand on anything. Until these fucking idiot politicians get serious, I plan on staying home and playing Guitar Hero on every election day."

However, I still may vote against Obama in 2012 if they put forward a Republican I can stomach. I find myself disagreeing with the man at most every turn.


Other than the "balance" of power...nothing will change.

You can count on it.



How many realize that the Presidential elections are a little more than 2 years away?

There should be at least SOMEONE from the GOP coming forward to put a team and organization together at this point.

Who is it?

Palin? Jindal? Romney?

The black guy with the slanted hat and the hots for Meghean Kelly who pronounces the President's name "Oh-BAH-muh"! in all his videos? (Sorry...can't remember his name...but he sure can pronounce "Oh-BAH-muh"!)

It just doesn't seem like the GOP is stepping up to the plate.

But you know...maybe they don't have to...a win because "you are not a DEM" is still a win, I guess.



Oh...and the age old question comes up again...

Are we ever going to be able to vote "for" somebody again instead of "against" someone else?

(Note: JohnS has been getting pretty beat up lately; but at least he is "for" someone...)



hmmm . . . an election all by itself may not change much - but with the re-energizing of the conservative/independent base and an intense focus - who knows what the future may bring . . .


Well with Linda winning connecticut you can expect more of the same to come. Time to start looking at a third party because the republicans are not going to fix shit.


How does one vote no confidence?


The GOP just needs to die already.

I think people's fear of "the other guy" (for 2012 it will be Obama) getting elected keeps people coming back to a party that's really so diverse in its beliefs (thought it wouldn't know it based on who actually gets elected/nominated) it's hardly a party, and never coherent in it's philosophy.

I think if conservatives (all of them, in their many forms) really want to be well represented, even if they don't win, they're going to need to suck it up, let the GOP die its miserable death, and vote for third-parties.

I think the social conservative, "moral majority" types need to go their own way. And the libertarian branch needs to go its own way too. These two groups of people seems to have very little in common to me (for example)other than they both like low taxes. The Republican party has so much stigma attached to it, in so many different ways, I don't think it can really expand it's base.

There are a number of "wedge" issues that people won't cross party lines on, no matter how appealing the rest of the other party's platform may be. We need more parties to circumvent this problem.


Obama will pull a Clinton, and move towards the center to get re-elected.


I am mostly hoping for gridlock after these elections.



People want exactly what we have. They want a nanny government that cares for them. They will never vote for someone who promises to cut off the free gravy. Only when the government can no longer provide that care will they change.

But they won't change for the better. They'll hire some demagogue who promises to bring back the free stuff, like a Hitler or a Mussolini.

My guess is that we are doomed to some sort of Plato's Republic or Huxley's Brave New World. The best thing to do is simply stay away from it, minimize it in your life. Contribute as little as possible to its functioning.




He already moved to the center. He's always been in the center, at least since he started running for president. I think he will keep doing what he's been doing - trying to be all things to all people, as much as possible. Pretty sure he'll be back. His approval ratings are low - so were Reagan's and Clinton's at this point. That doesn't mean shit. Who do the Republicans have, who the general public can get behind in 2012? Nobody on the horizon as far as I can tell. The usual suspects have already been looked at, and rejected. Ron Paul? I wonder if FOX News will let him participate in the GOP debates, next time? They kept him off the stage in 2008, remember that? That was pretty funny.

You guys should be excited about all the Tea Party candidates you have... like 6 Senate candidates are Tea Party approved. Too bad the Tea Party stigma is one of the main reasons they're probably all going to lose. The Republican base is eliminating moderate Republicans in the primaries, in favor of less-mainstream candidates who can't win a general election. Even when you do get a staunch conservative in office - lets take Chris Christie as governor of New Jersey - he's a definite one-termer. He won't be back.

November will be interesting.


As a Democrat, I LOVE the way you think. Lets divide the GOP into two smaller parties, so that neither of them can win a national election for like 50 years. You have my full support.