Does Nolvadex Show Up as Estrogen on a Blood Test?

Hi All,

I need to get my bloodwork done to get my levels checked, typically trying to dial in estrogen. I’m certain I’ve read somewhere that nolvadex will can show up as estrogen on bloodwork and therefore you will not get an accurate reading. Is there truth in this?

I was but have now stopped (1 week ago), taking nolva to try and clear up some gyno I have. Do I need to wait to get an accurate estrogen reading, or am i good to go?


This happened to me. I forgot to designate E2 Sensitive and the nolva gave a high reading. The lab even stated in the notes that some medications can do this. Jut make sure you get the E2 sensitive and you should be ok.

Thanks for the reply. I dont think my test is the sensitive unfortunately.

Well, just dont freak out over the high numbers and get the sensitive next time.

If your E2 was super high, you’d know it from how you feel.

@studhammer I thought Tamoxifen Citrate stopped E2 from causing gyno in the breast tissue but it does nothing to stop Aromatase enzyme from converting T to E2 it is not an AI and that was why ones E2 is thru the roof when taking nolva on a cycle vs anastrozole.

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Hey @hrdlvn, I think it fills or blocks the E2 receptor sites do they can’t exert any changes. I just remember that my lab sheet said something about false readings if on certain meds. My lab result was crazy high, like 140 or something. I posted it a long time ago. It might still be available. I’ll try to find it

So I was stupidly using a gram/week when I first started. I got called on it and reduced my levels dramatically.

What can I say? I’d been on a Dr prescribed super low dose for years and felt like shit. Once I had access to my own source, I went a little crazy.

Anyway, here’s what it said

By my calculation 5383/143.6=37.48 (Best range is 15-25)

In my book your E2 was low for the TT you were running.
You did not see or feel any high E2 or gyno symptoms did you?

Not that I remember. Felt amazing to be honest. Didn’t really want to stop but I knew it wasn’t good for me to run that high for too long

You were probably young enough you could get away with it. At my age I don’t dare I would cook my heart vessels. 300-400 twice a year is all I dare these days. Some of the people I trust in this game say there really isn’t anything to gain over 600mg/wk. It’s too late for me to find out.

:joy::joy: this was about 3 years ago!! I was 50 or 51