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Does Nolvadex Make Your Balls Bigger?

I have been taking 20mgs for about 10 days now when should i start seeing my balls get more full and how were your labs after taking it please help

Were you on a cycle? Is this PCT or just for fun?

Usually I noticed balls getting bigger 2-3 weeks after a cycle using Nolva for PCT

Im trying to get my t levels up a bit im at 450 now how high did nolva. Get your levels how long did you take it

You should see an increase in your ejaculation volume relatively soon or should have seen it already. The balls will follow.

But why do you want bigger nuts? Didn’t we all learn from Rich that that’s very unattractive?


leave humanity behind and achieve rhino sized balls goddammit

I just thought bigger balls meant more T production

I read some article saying after 6 weeks T levels shoot up by 200% on nolvadex

Yeah that should be the case. It’s why I’m considering Tamoxifen stand alone right now for a few months. Your T should be up already. G protein coupled receptors need only minutes to do their magic and the release of T through LH stimulation is like that. The block of the ER through Nolvadex should also be in full affect after a day or so.

I’ll sign a petition for a species protection act if OP gets it done and starts impregnating rhino females