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Does Natural HGH Production Continue After Discontinuing Injections?

Did a 6 month cycle of hgh I was 5 days on 2 days off. Just finished and I was wondering how long it would take for natural HGH levels to kick back in.

That’s was using 2iu’s a day

Have you ran a blood test on your IGF-1? That is the only way to get any kind of a clue you are no longer shut down. As I understand trying to measure our GH is very inaccurate.
Just thinking out loud. So what if you are shutdown do you really care? GH is not required to maintain gains. It only helps you make more muscle fibers. I assume you also cycled and busted your ass at the gym?

. HGH production is essential for tissue repair. I just did this cycle for a post op protocol for shoulder surgey to promote type 1 collegan proclduction. So I wasn’t planning on doing it again. I did work out while on it but I could only do so much since my arm was in a sling lol just wanting to make sure I didn’t shut down my pitiutary glad

I did gh only