Does My Failed Cycle Require a PCT?

Basically I relied on a very bad supplier and ended up having to do test E 250 mg per week for 8 weeks and then wait 2 weeks without test, and then another injection 375 mg. 25 days have passed since I injected the last shot. Honestly I wasted my time, got mostly endurance gains and gained only about 5 pounds. Do i need to do pct for this, if so, is it too late now after almost 30 days?

If you only did 250mg a week that’s a relatively low dose. Recommended for first cycle using test e is usually 500mg/week split into two injections. Most people here are probably going to ask if you have gotten blood work done. Personally, I ran a cycle of test e at 500mg/week for 15 weeks and didn’t use anything for PCT. Not that I recommend that. Hopefully someone will answer the question better but I wouldn’t get over concerned especially with that low a dose and that short a time frame.

How is your estrogen levels been maintained? truthfully, if i was in that situation i would find a legit source and then go on a real cycle without stopping… I wouldn’t want to wait for pct and my test to rebound that would take months… i mean you have already injected yourself and you are suppressed why not do a continuous cycle with real juice? but as always it all depends on how your estrogen and other body values are because if your gear was bunk, under dosed or probably not even gear at all it could have done some damage.

actually, you didn’t HAVE to do this. You chose to do it. You chose to begin a cycle without having everything you needed BEFORE starting. That’s you being stupid, has nothing to do with your supplier. Yes, you wasted your time, because you chose a steroid dose that is essentially no more than TRT level. And the fact that you think you would only need to run a PCT based on how much you gained from the cycle is baffling. That’s not why you do a pct. I thought about giving advice beyond this, but honestly, there’s no reason to spoon feed you. The information you need is EVERYWHERE. Go get it.

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why are you assuming he had bad gear? He said his supplier was bad, but at the level he was running, how would you even know if the gear was the problem? I was assuming he meant that his supplier was bad because he ran out of gear before the cycle was supposed to end.

because real pharma grade gear gives you potent benefits, i am not sure if what he meant was unreliable source or bad juice but either way if the source was “unreliable” he should have still been able to make gains for 2 weeks without pinning, since test stays in the body for up to 3 months.

This shit blows my mind!!! How the hell can you say you “ended up having to do…” You didn’t have to do shit!!! Also, how do you not make sure you have everything lined up and in order before starting a cycle. What kinda MORON would think it is fine for the body to inject some shit from a bad supplier selling stuff that is claimed to be in a vial. You probably got a bottle of cat piss or something like that. Sorry, but I’ll spend the money to make sure I know what I am injecting into my body. It is good and I know it is legit. Also, get a test to see how good the stuff is. A roid test is like 80 bucks. I constantly calculate and check to make sure I have enough of whatever I want to run… Having extra isn’t a terrible idea either. You shot a low dose, like TRT low… LOL I cruise at that dose between cycles. There’s a thing called GOOGLE. Use it!

Some people on here blow my damn mind and the lack of effort, research, and preparedness when cycling stuff that can really mess them up if done incorrectly… Granted, this big dog shooting 250mg isn’t exactly what I’d call a tough cycle… or even a cycle at all lol. Do some research!

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Yes you need to run PCT. Others have pointed out the problem with your cycle. You shut down your HPTA but really did so without an advantage because the test was so low. Anyway, you should run normal PCT or as another advised you could go into a real cycle right away and run PCT after.

I disagree with a couple things here. First off, 250mg/week is barely more than a lot of TRT protocols, so I don’t see why he should have necessarily gotten ‘potent benefits’ from it, even if it was pharma. Your understanding of how long test stays in the body is very misguided as well. His levels would have likely been below normal after 2 weeks, not exceeding normal, because his 250 dose barely exceeded normal TRT. There’s a reason we inject at least weekly, if not more often. Even injecting every other week makes for some very low swings.

Aside from all this though, He could have doubled the dose and still not seen results if his diet and training sucked.

Test prop remains in body for up to 11 days, test e up to 1 month after a complete stop and test cyp can take even up to 44 days to fully exit the system.

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Yes I did make a mistake. To be honest I did it because it was something I always wanted to try. My supplier was unreliable is what I meant to say. It’s been 7 days since and my weight dropped to 226, looking back I started cycle at 220, and the highest I’ve been was 242 mid-cycle. Guess the cycle wasn’t a complete fail. I’ve decided to not do PCT even though it’s very stupid. Found a much better supplier, and am gonna start test E 500 mg/week in 14 days. Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

‘remains in your body’ and ‘remains in your body at a level above normal’ are two very different things, and you have yet to grasp that. Your links say exactly what I’m saying. You don’t stay at peak levels for the 44 days you’re referring to. The majority of that 44 day period, you’ll be below ideal levels.

what i mean to say is you will still receive androgenic benefits within those 44 days