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Does My Diet Look Too Low?

Hi. i just want hear others, is this good or not? do i burn out?
My base is carb cycling (once again) and i go with this…

9 days training split. it goes 5 moderate days, 3 low days and one high day (load)

Low day is about 100g fat, 80g carbs, 250-300g protein.

Moderate is about 100g fat, 300-320g carbg, 250-300g protein.

High is about low as possible fat, 460 - 500g carbs, 200-250g protein.

Moderate days are my training days and high day is my event day. so i do rest on low days. i go bicycle to train and come back 10km total, i do about 1-2h training and my base is 5x5 on every other lifts than deadlifts (squat, press, bench) deadflifts are 3x3.

i weight 114kg and im 180cm tall. so tell me…

Allmost forgot! my goal is just keep my strenght and energy levels but drop slowly bodyfat.

Looks reasonable. Start there and report back in a month with your compliance level (i.e. did you follow your macro plan 80%+ of the time) and your results. Adjust from there.

Protein seems unnecessarily high, but if that works for you, go for it.

yea. i just start with this and let’s see what will happen. i just “fear fat” but i dont have to hurry. :smiley:

This method of carb cycling does work but is not necessary. If you find it annoying to cycle your carbs, as I do, then you’ll most likely get the same results taking in the same amount of carbs over a weeks time but spread evenly day to day. It’s all about a calorie deficit over time. I have had good results with a weekly carb refeed however. I just keep my fat and protein the same but jack up my carbs. The authorities say just to refeed at your maintenance calorie intake but I’ve experimented with trying to jack up my carb intake to very high levels and I find I can get away with eating a bit more than maintenance.

I’m not sure why exactly but possibly do to increased energy levels after the refeed which possibly caused an increase in NEAT. Just be mindful during the refeed that all those carb sources that you’re shoving into your mouth have a small amount of fat and protein in them and at such a high volume of food those small amounts add up quick. So you might want to slightly decrease your main sources of fat and protein on that day.

As for protein intake your bw in pounds is about 250 lbs. You will be fine keeping your protein at 250g.