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Does my dad have abnormally high T levels?

I told my dad to buy tribex but he said he got tested and his levels were like in the 700’s ng/dl I dont remember the units but it was on the scale where 200-1000 is normal. My dad is 59 years old, 60 this febuary. This seems pretty high for his age am i correct?

It sounds like your dad is not hurting for the T! Although 700 ng/dl sounds good for someone in that age group the total T test doesn’t take into consideration the level of free T which is really more important. Is your dad sedentary? It’s not uncommon for sedentary people to have higher levels of T than athletes.

He’s actually a pretty avid mountain and road biker, and uses the machines at the ymca. He used to run a lot too.

Boxcar, tell your dad to start posting on here. I need someone older than me on here to boost my ego. And, yes, us old farts can have “normal” T-levels too. We are just few and far between and precious cargo. Kind of like the Supply and Demand therom of economics.