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Does My Back Workout Suck?


Oh no another "critique my workout" thread but to be honest I hear alot of different shit about back I dont know which freakin exercises to do and what form... My back is feminine right now and I want that bitch big thick and wide, so straight up, does this look good or no? I wanna be confidant with my back workout:

(all sets gradually worked up to the final set to failure)

Lat Pulldowns (I hate pull ups I can never progress reps or lift until my chest hits the bar)
BB rows
T bar rows
smith machine shrugs
rack pulls

As far as form-
what the HELL!! I cannot feel my "lats" working (if they even exist) but that can be discussed later


You could work your lats to higher reps, using limited range of motion back movements (similar to how Jason Huh, IFBB pro, does it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3q1x30mAvk I am considering switching to train back this way.


your routine seems fine to me. you do need to find out how to execute these exercises in a form and angle that stimulates what you're trying to work to get the most out of them.


I hope you're joking.


It's mroe HOW you do an exercise than WHAT exercise you do. Post videos of you performing working sets of said lifts, then you can be helped. Until then, I will continue to question how serious you are....


You are not big enough to try that.


LOL nice try!

like they said before, form is more important than exercises. But maybe, just maybe - do Shrugs after Rack Pulls and try more 'close-grip' pulldowns?

also search for 'Seminar: Dorian Yates - Back Training' it's a 12 minutes long video that will help you to activate lats more and few other tricks. I cannot give a direct link to it.