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Does My Back Look Ok

I never took pictures of my back yet

We can’t see. Ask a friends to take a picture

What’s with all the jizz on your mirror?

[quote]leaftye wrote:
What’s with all the jizz on your mirror?[/quote]


Other than that… No. It needs to be bigger. I mean, what kind of response were you looking for? It looks like you’ve made good progress. You’re not ready to step on-stage yet.


It looks okay. But isn’t the point of training to look bad ass?

Your lats look alright. Traps need work.

Clean your mirror, find something to prop your camera on (bookshelf, towels, etc) then it’d be clearer and better.

Timer, dude.

Back looks thick.

why jerk off in the mirror? I like myself too, but not quite that much…