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Does Methoxy Require Loading ?

Was going to do Methoxy after my Androsol cycle . I read the abstract on the 8week study with original Methoxy 7 at lifeandsport.com . I can only afford about 3 weeks worth so I was wondering if it is wortwhile or if loading is required before benefit takes place .

Methoxy-7 doesn’t require pre-loading
because the duration of action is only
a few hours more than the 12 hours between
doses. So, on later doses, you don’t have
a build-up from previous doses that,
on a first dose, you’d have to emulate
with front-loading.

Three weeks should be enough for noticeable

Geez , thanks for the quick response Bill . I have a bottle of C.L.A. , would that be worthwhile thrown in considering it might lessen addition of a little bit of fat when coming off the ASol . I know it probably wasn’t cost effective but I already have it so I need a purpose for it .

It couldn’t hurt, and might help a little.
Not enough to be worth going out and buying really, but as you said, if you have it already,
the cost-effectiveness isn’t an issue.