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Does Manufacturer Matter?

Morning guys,

So recently my pharmacy dispensed my T-Cyp, same dose same concentration 100mg/ml 65MG every 3.5 days ETC. However, the pharmaceutical manufacturer of what I was using over the past year changed. I took my first shot Wed. night with the new manufacturer. My energy levels, libido and morning wood are all the same, however my facial hair seems to be growing in a bit slower…Maybe I just shaved closer the other day when I shaved IDK. But just a generic question about your guys’s experiences with various manufacturers ?

Only thing I’ve noticed is the carrier oil could be different. And also may be more or less viscous. Otherwise, if the ester is the same, there shouldn’t be anything different about it.

Yeah I noticed the oil is a little different, that’s about it, it does seem a tad thicker, but I was wondering more about the effect on the body ETC and if anyone has had a certain manufacturer that doesn’t work as well or works different.

Different carrier oils. Also different amounts of benzyl benzoate. Both vastly affect the viscosity of the final product, and by inference in my opinion the half life as well.

Thicker oils may perhaps form a more resilient and slower releasing depot. UGLs and certain compounded products contain double the amount of benzyl benzoate, are thinner and probably release faster into the blood with a more pronounced peak.

This may explain the phenomenon with doc prescibed guys doing well on genuine (thick) Depo shots once a week or longer. And in stark contrast all the self TRT guys using UGL or compounded cypionate doing better on far more frequent shots.

Im just throwing this out there and would love more research in this direction.

Most UGL guys are doing once a week shots, unless they’re on a blast. Most guys on here doing dailies have a scrip.

UGL’s can vary but from my experience all phama brands are the same if they are apples to apples.

That’s only within this statistically insignificant sample we call this forum.

You say that based on what? Guys doing this for athletic performance with UGL only inject once a week. Most people using test for whatever reason are once a week, and I’m not talking about this forum. The whole daily thing is a TRT, guys with a scrip thing. The UGL guys haven’t done that much research and don’t have issues and see no reason to poke themselves daily.