Does Mag-10 really taste this bad?

Hey I just started my Mag-10/T-Dawg diet cutting cycle, but when I slurped down my first capful of Mag-10 I had to check to make sure that I hadn’t accidently drank the Drano. Is my batch OK? I really tastes worse than pretty much anything else I can remember consuming recently. I just want to make sure I am not poisoning myself here. Oh, and any tips to make it less rude tasting would be appreciated. It kinda of tastes like cinnamon flavored sex-lube with some chille powder mixed in. I am going to continue using it though unless someone tells me that their’s taste like Surge or something.

Yes, the current flavor is strong as hell. Why just the other day I was in a biker bar where Hell’s Angels were daring each other to swig straight from the bottle. Whoever did got a new patch for their leather jacket and an hour with another guy’s old lady.

Okay, it’s not that bad. Some people add it to a little water and drink it. Remember, Bill Roberts, one of the guys who designed it, says you don’t have to hold it under your tongue or gargle with it, so just slam it back like a man. Biotest is always improving flavors and formulas, so it may taste better in future batches. Anyway, you’ll like the results, become classically conditioned to it, then find yourself missing it when they change the flavor. :wink:

MAG-10 is so effective I would probably drink it even if it tasted like piss. My 2 cents.

The issue here is that unesterified androst-1-ene (without the EC ester) itself, no matter how much effort you make to purify it, has an extremely, extremely potent burning sort of quality in the mouth. This is true even with solid powder (you wouldn’t even want to think about a liquid solution!) Certainly an odd and unexpected thing but it’s so.

In the liquid delivery system, even extremely low trace amounts could be enough to give the “hot” taste MAG-10 has. The amount of unesterified androst-1-ene is extremely low, below 0.1% and in fact not even enough to actually detect. But from the taste, you can. I wish it were not so but it is. It’s also a factor of the liquid delivery system which magnifies any taste present greatly. The A1-E powder itself, as a solid put into your mouth, is utterly tasteless, as well as testing as extremely pure.

MAG-10 upset my stomach at first. I found a pretty good solution. Grape juice. If you can stand the carbs (and you should be able to while on a bulking phase) mix it with a cup of grape juice, it is MUCH better that way. Water works ok, but only ok.

Didn’t I hear in one of the posts that the newer batches tasts like Methoxy-7 (bubble gum flavor) or am I mistaken?

It’s the older ones that taste like bubblegum.

im probably one of those crazy people who actually started to like the taste after a couple of days. seriously though… its not that bad, stop whining!!!

Aw, c’mon. The burn is one of my most favorite steps in the MAG-10 experience. Let us not forget what is undoubtedly the most revered movie for most T-magers, “Fight Club.” Recall the chemical burner on the hand scene. Fuck your comfort place. Fuck that little penguin. Embrace the burn as that anabolic acid races it’s way down into the cold dark crevices of your being. Heh, I’m not even on anything this week. Lata.

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Hehehe, been a while since I jumped on an MBE thread, so I’ll start here. Yes, Mag-10 tastes like rancid ass. But, to be honest, I’d take even if it tasted like donkey urine, for it gives amazing results. THe bubble gum flavor was less terrible. Not “better” but less terrible.

MBE...we gonna eats ev'reh thang.

Drat…I must’ve gotten the shipment that passed through several digestive systems before ending up in my bottle. hehehe. Yup I still drink it tho…

Anyone who has ever tasted IDS’s Spirosome will agree that Mag-10 tastes good. It reminds me of Hot Damn a little.

A few notes: The taste of MAG-10 has already been improved, but this latest batch won’t reach store shelves or online dealers for a while. There was one batch a couple of months ago that was very strong, so if you didn’t like the taste don’t give up on what’s out there now; it could be different. (I don’t think most people care once they see the results, but it is nice to know that dosing will be more pleasant in the future.) Oh, and it’s perfectly okay to mix it with protein shakes, a glass of water, Diet Coke, whatever. Doesn’t hurt it a bit according to Tim Patterson.

I like to put mine on salads. Don’t be a baby and drink. If you can get a little oral syringe they work a bit better than the spoon biotest gives you. Just shoot it right down your throat.

Actually I’d recommend shooting towards the back of a cheek than straight down the throat. You can accidentally aspirate (breathe) some if you aim straight down the throat. Not pleasant.