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Does MAG-!0 work?

I’ve been considering the purchase of the new mag-10 supplement. I have used steroids in the past. However, my chosen profession, correctional officer, prohibits me, somewhat, from induldging in the use of the necter of the greek gods. Therefore I thought I’d try my way with this new mag-10. My only concern is that it may all be media hype. I don’t expect to gain 20 lbs, but 10 would be good. I’m 6’7",250lbs, 29 years old, and have been hammerin’ out the iron for about ten years or so, on and off. I’d like to read about some first hand accounts about mag-10. If anyone would please let me know. Feel to give any tips or advice on this subject, any help would be welcome. Because as we all know, the bottom line is to be bigger…GRRRROOOWWWWW.

Thank you.

one word: yes.

just eat as big as you can and you’ll make gains.

Hey The Guard, I’m a bigtime supplement skeptic but I gave Mag-10 a whirl and gained almost nine pounds in two weeks. It’s definitely the most effective supplement I’ve ever tried.

Tried regular dose, decent results. Best results with double dose though!