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Does Low T Make You Lose Height? Can TRT Fix This?

I just read somewhere that low T can make a man lose height. Is that actually true? I’m almost 24 had low T for probably the last year and a half, chances are I wouldn’t have lost height correct?

Would TRT make any loss of height return?

TRT is not going to make you taller.

It will strengthen your bones so that you don’t have bone loss later in life that sometimes shows as being shorter. But actually lengthening your bones… Naw dude.

Does low T actually make you lose height?

I believe around 20-21 is when male Growth actually ends. So unless you had low T when you were younger, I don’t think it would have affected it. How tall are you?

Like 5-9 ish

Yea dude TRT wont make you taller, but it can make you bigger. It can make you appear taller.

I have had 2 people specifically mention that I look “taller” since I have put on some size.

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Mid-40’s and I gained roughly an inch of height on TRT. Confirmed in every possible way. I have speculated it’s spaces in my vertebrae from muscles in my back but otherwise have no idea how it happened.

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But did your dick grow an inch too?

Oh it hangs longer now which is crazy, but sadly no. :smiley: