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Does Low Prolactin Cause Bad Eye Sight?


I came across this on the 'Lab Work, Blood Testing and Symptoms' sticky thread.

"Prolactin can be a powerful HPTA inhibitor. We some times see high range, which causes problems and some times very high. Pituitary adinomas do happen and are small cancers. These can increase prolactin and/or decrease gonadotrophins - lowering T. Prolactin can contribute to gynomastia. Older men have an expected age related decrease in gonadotrophins [LH & FSH] and a decrease of testicular production of T when properly stimulated by gonadotrophins.

When younger men loose T levels, prolactin is something that should be tested. If not mid range, a pituitary MRI can be performed to see if there is an imageable adinoma. If an adinoma is larger, it will press on one or more of the optic nerves that pass beside the pituitary gland. If that happens, there can be a loss of peripheral vision... and worse if ignored."

I tried to find more info on this through google but couldn't really find anything. Ever since puberty my 20/20 vision worsened dramatically and i had to get glasses.

Serum Prolactin level: 111 mu/L (<= 550.0)

Obviously my Prolaction level isnt in the mid of the range.

It could be a coincidence ofcourse.


Not a causal relationship, as suggested by your post title, but potentially related.
BUT, eyesight deteriorating during puberty is quite common because of the growth and development... which slows down significantly after puberty, so eyesight deterioration should slow down dramatically after puberty.


Jack for one thing they say 'loose' instead of 'lose' makes me turned off. Another thing, your prolactin is fine. Prolactin, I am sure, serves a purpose in men even though they can't find much of anything. But having a low normal has not been linked to health problems and most likely means you have healthy dopamine levels. I have an almost too high prolactin level (on your scale it is about 530). Though it isn't high enough I don't think to cause me any 'problems' even though I have low T. I think if prolactin is in the range it is fine nothing to be investigated heavily.


Ok, Cheers lads :wink:


High prolactin causes or may be a response to low dopamine levels, or low thyroid. In these cases I would look for thyroid imbalances, as well as possible low dopamine levels all of which can affect a persons low libido. With high prolactin levels, an MRI is a good idea to make sure there are no pitutary issues.


Ok but mines quite low isnt it? ????


Actually I would not consider that low at all. Lower your prolactin the more you can recover between orgasms. i think you are trying to look for something which is not there. Several things cause bad eyes sight and using a sarm or clomid is one of them as well as, diabetes, and other macular degenerative diseases. There has to be alot more medical history and back ground information to know what to look for or even to base something one.


People with low prolactin won't necessarily be able to recover from orgasms faster. Prolactin is released after orgasm, so it depends how much is released that most likely determines recovery also if one is taking D2 agonists.

Jack: once you orgasm your prolactin levels won't be as low.