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Does Losing Fat Raise T-Levels?

Question ,

I went in for a physical and my doctor did not want to test my free T levels because i am over 100 pounds overweight and he said that would not be a true indicator because as i lost weight my Free Testosterone levels would naturally increase? Is this true? fyi 39 old male, 330 , 5’9 height.

BS, some guys are fat because of low T and/or low thyroid levels. Your true indicator is what your levels are today. Do your own male panel at LEF.org then you will know what buttons to push.

Well i did get my results back and my doctor is wanting me to go on the statin drug called zocor. I have been doing research on this and and this drug group side effects just look wicked. anyone else try to do you workouts while on these drugs?

This was my lipid panel

Cholesterol, total 264
Triglycerides 103
HDL cholesterol 40
Vldl cholesterol Cal 21
Ldl cholesterol Calc 203

Oh and my testosterone , serum: came back at 590

I really don’t want to take this Zocor i was wondering if anyone else had had issue with these type drugs. any comments would be appreciated.

So you will not go on TRT. TRT would probably lower your total cholesterol sufficiently.

Take the smallest statin drug that works. This can be cheap, $10 for 90 days at Sam’s or Walmart for example. If you get muscle pain or weakness, take 50mg CoQ10 per day.

Do not take total cholesterol below 180.

B vitamins, B12, folic acid, niacin, B6 can raise HDL, but a statin might do that too.

CRP [C reactive protein] is an interesting lab as it is a marker of inflammation. Arterial disease is a process of inflammation. Homocystine levels are also a heart disease marker.

Free T [FT] would be more interesting than TT.
And serum E2 will complete the picture.
What is your serum glucose?

I am concerned that your E2 could be high. That would fit with possible elevated glucose levels as part of syndrome X aka metabolic disorder that also comes with higher cholesterol levels and weight gain. In advanced stages, fat is around the belly - apple shaped.

Supplement with fish oils and 2000-3000iu vit-D3

You should test thyroid, TSH, fT4, fT3. If you have hypothyroidism, even if subclinical, this can lower T and make you fat while robbing your energy.

If elevated E2 is making you fat, weight loss can be difficult to impossible. Ditto for low thyroid levels.

You need to check for these things and may need to get a doc to shift them to optimal levels if needed. Optimal for E2 is 22pg/ml when T levels are decent. When T is very low, E2=22pg/ml can create estrogen dominance, but you do need some absolute levels for general health. Very low E2 levels are not healthy.

When testing thyroid panel one needs to have total thyroid hormone serums as we do testoserone. Trying to treat free thyroid levels is like trying to treat TRT with shbg and FT. It just does not work. The proper ratio of total t:e ratio should be around 30:1 ratio. With this ratio it will great a good environment for grown and fat loss provided the adrenals and thyroid are in balance. Where are you located at because I help run a clinic in Philadelphia that deals with these kinds of issues. If possible we try to avoid TRT when not necessar, but advocate it when it is.

Thanks for the comments ksman and hardasnails. Here is the rest of the panel i don’t think i have the stuff you guys are asking for I know I don’t have the e2 or the free T , I will probably have to use Lef.org to get those from the way my doctor is acting or find a new doctor.

Comp. metabolic panel.

Glucose, Serum: 93
Bun: 10
Creatinine, Serum 1.20
Bun/ creatinine Ratio : 8
Sodium , Serum: 144
Potassium Serum :5.1
chloride , Serum: 105
Carbon Dioxide, Total: 26
Calcium, Serum: 9.9
Protein, Total, Serum 7.6
Albumin, Serum 4.4
globulin, Total 3.2
A/g Ratio: 1.4
Bilirubin, total .6
Alkaline phosphatase, S: 99
Ast (sgot) 33
alt (sgpt): 30

TSH: 2.337

My diet has been low-carb trying to eat 5 times a day . while using Surge workout fuel during the workouts. and right after.

Thanks again.

Did you see my response RE women’s hormones?


I am trying to get her to complete a full blood workup and then I was going
to get back to you on any suggestions. Thanks for responding though I know
she is having issues but trying to get women to help themselves sometimes
appears to be difficult :slight_smile: haha.

Thanks for responding to my post.

Blood work should be done at day 18 of her cycle.