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Does Ko exist?

My wife showed me the sexiest man issue of People Magazine. There was a sub category called the Sexiest Chef. Neither Ko nor the Renegade Chef were listed. Is this a bias against T-maggers or do they just not exist?
Peace, Tmofa

I can attest to Ko actually existing. As for him being “Sexiest Chef”? Due to his T-Man nature, such titles do not matter to Ko. Does being “Sexiest” add to his bench, dead or power clean lifts? Nah. Will it also add to the speed of which he slices and dices? Nope. I’m sure what really matters is that I see him as my “Samurai Chef of Undeniable Top T-Qualities”, i.e., sexxxxy. Who cares what People mag says? Besides, they picked Ben Aflooey as Sexiest Man!

I know that Renegade Chef exists, too.

And if you consider Patricia a biased source, I can also confirm his existance, as well as his prowess in the kitchen.

Never having met them, one never knows if Ko is just an idealized version of a man that Patricia has come up with (though to some she comes across as a man’s idealized version of a woman)that she only see’s (ala Ed Norton and Brad Pitt in fight club), her only flaw then would be is that she is down right looney.
So, thanks again Ike for speaking up … unless she has snapped again and you are yet another personality of hers… does she know there’s medicines to help her? 8) Peace, Tmofa

I can also attest to the existence of Ko. Straight-up guy. Can’t speak to his prowess in either the gym or kitchen, but he’s real.

Ko can certainly attest to me being bonafide “loony”. So there.


:slight_smile: Groove

Well, I’ve met both Ko and Patricia and can attest that they both exist.

On the topic of an idealized version of oneself, would it work if you just acted for a day/week how you wanted to be? Of course without getting into multi-personalities (a la fight club). So for a day/week you impersonated the person you wanted to be. You would look the way you wanted to look and fuck the way you wanted to fuck. Would it work?

Would it work? It does. Some of us already live our true selves the majority of the time. Come to think of it, about the only time I’m not ME is when I am at work (Fed Gov’t doesn’t think too highly of strong personalities). But then you also see the flack I get here on the forum for being me. You have to decide if you are strong enough to be yourself depite the crabbies trying to pull you back down into the pot of mediocrity.