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Does it Take the Typical 6-8 Weeks for a Small Tweak to HCG as Well?

I’m slowly lowering my HCG dose to find my minimum effective dose where my nuts don’t (painfully) shrink. I know many don’t need it. I get pain in the testicles when i don’t.

I was injecting 285 EOD, after a few months lowered to 250, after a few months 225 and now 185 ish. Would each change like that spaced out several weeks apart still cause levels to go haywire searching for homeostasis? Or would that more likely happen with test, deka AI changes. And is a more gradual change less traumatic for the system?

Lowering your HCG is going to lower the natural testosterone production in your balls, and thus lower your overall free and total test unless you increase the exogenous T. If you stopped HCG cold turkey your natural production will take about 3-4 weeks to be shut down completely. Given that, each change you make with your HCG could take about 3-4 weeks for your body to realize the change.

Yea, i’m an idiot. Completely forgot it changes the test levels too.

While on Test, the amount of natural production you will get from HCG is pretty small. IME, I didn’t feel much difference from lowering HCG, and dropping it. I just do a mini cycle of it every once in a while now.