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Does It Matter Which HIIT?

I’ve been lifting 3 days a week Wed Thur and Sat on a pretty solid programme, diet is pretty clean though I struggle to get 200g protein a day without shakes. Anyhow in terms of Hiit I’ve been mixing up Tabatas on the heavy bag, kettle bell routines [high rep swings] sprint intervals, dabbled in some cross fit type workouts etc. I try to do these from home on a Tues and Fri. Does it matter which type of Hiit you do so long as you stick to the principles high intensity, 30 mins…

How are you making Tabatas 30 minutes? Why is 30 minutes a principle?

I think OP is just being a little reckless with his terminology (and possibly misunderstands what “Tabata” and “HIIT” are).

OP, your question: “Does it matter which type of HIIT you do?” is dependent on your goal and other training.

What is your PRIMARY goal? (Fat loss, muscle gain, athletic performance, etc)
What exactly is your “pretty solid programme” consisting of?

Sprints are good. Kettlebell swings are good. Jump rope is good. Heavy-bag work is good. However, choosing exactly which of these is “best” will be influenced by your goal and what else you do in a workout.