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Does It Matter If Test is Injected in Deltoid, Buttocks or Anywhere Specific?

I’m still new to injecting test and this morning I did only my 2nd injection. And for the 2nd time I failed to inject in buttock. I know I’m suppose to divide cheek in 4 and inject upper right quadrant but holy crap it’s harder than it seems cause my cheek fat jiggles and makes the imaginary 4 quadrants harder to remember exactly where to inject.

So I just did both in left and right delts.

Is this okay compared to buttock?

I did buttocks at doc office for 12 weeks straight and always thought absorbtion made a huge difference.

Also I noticed that the syringe takes forever to fill with the oil and I have to keep putting it back in vial cause the appropriate dose I’m trying to draw isn’t coming cause of large air bubbles or it just doesn’t draw enough. I inject the dose amount into vial before as well. What am I doing wrong?

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