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Does it Matter if HCG is Injected at 90°? More Like 25°-45° Slanted Needle?

I was injecting 100mg test cyp a week for like 3 months than I went to DEFY and told me to stop it and start HCG 500iu 3x week.

Turns after 3 months of this my Total est dropped to 345 and free test is below normal.

He now is prescribing 80mg twice/week of test cyp and told me to deceese hcg dose to 2 x 500iu

The problem is I didn’t inject hcg at 90 degrees more like 25-45 degrees up until barely last week.

Now that I’m doing it right and will add test will my T levels go way above normal??

During those 3 months of HCG Monotherapy my strength gains at gym plateaued and mood went flat (not depressed) so I’m glad I’ll be starting the new regimen next Monday.

Simple arithmetic would say that a (160-100)/100 = 60% increase in dose would mean 757 x 1.6 = 1,211.2 .

But the body doesn’t work that way. There’s all kinds of feedback loops in play. I don’t think anyone will guesstimate it with any degree of accuracy. Try it and find out.

I’m still new to injecting test and this morning I did only my 2nd injection. And for the 2nd time I failed to inject in buttock. I know I’m suppose to divide cheek in 4 and inject upper right quadrant but holy crap it’s harder than it seems cause my cheek fat jiggles and makes the imaginary 4 quadrants harder to remember exactly where to inject.

So I just did both in left and right delts.

Is this okay compared to buttock?

I did buttocks at doc office for 12 weeks straight and always thought absorbtion made a huge difference.

Also I noticed that the syringe takes forever to fill with the oil and I have to keep putting it back in vial cause the appropriate dose I’m trying to draw isn’t coming cause of large air bubbles or it just doesn’t draw enough. I inject the dose amount into vial before as well. What am I doing wrong?

Put 1cc of air into the vial if you want to draw 1cc of liquid. Sounds like you are doing that. Make sure the end of the needle doesn’t go into the air space in the vial or you will draw air. Test is oil based so it is a slow process if you are using 23g or 25g needles. I prefer 18g needles to draw and 25g 1inch to inject in quad. Try not to puncture the rubber stopper more than once per needle because this will dull your needle and the injection will be painful. Sub Q is an option, I’m sure you will hear about it in 5…4…3…2…1…