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Does Injection Soreness Get Better?

I have read the sticky about injection pain already, and i believe that between the three, its just sore from to much alcohol in the oil or whatever. What i would like to know beyond that, is will it continue to be as sore after every injection, or does it get better?


Depends, I’ve had some really painful test before injection pain would last for 5 or more days. It never got better but if its really too much to handle find a new source like I did.

Thanks for the response. Ill give it a few more times, and try it in the glute rather than the delt. LOL, my shoulders are angry with me right now. 48hrs post pin. Very first time to cycle as well so… might as well give it some time.

Your first few pins will always be the worst if this is your first cycle, 48hrs I wouldn’t even be the slightest bit concerned yet