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Does Injection Frequency Affect Hematocrit?

Does injection frequency have any impact on HCT?

Say fir example what’s the benefit to daily or EOD over say once a week?

Is it 6 of one and half a dozen of the other?

Injecting more often did not lower my HCT. Lowering my dose some did tho

This is one of those things that’s going to depend on the individual.

Drink more water, dont smoke, drink less alcohol, and drink some more water HCT should be good if you maintain these. Theories are all over the net.

I switched from 76mg once a week to 38mg twice a week 2 months ago and my HCT did indeed rise a bit in last weeks blood. I only have 1 blood draw on the new protocol, but for whatever it’s worth RBC, Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, Platelets all rose higher than my previous 5 blood tests on various once per week protocols. Interestingly, MCHC and RDW% both dropped.

None of these values were out of range.

In my case i went from twice per week to EOD and 5 months later it´s still the same around 50, still within range since i was using only 120 mg
But Total T went from 6.9 to 10.6 due to more frequent injections.

Did you notice any other benefits from going to EOD injections? Like feeling or libido etc??

Can I ask you personally a question, all of your comments on my posts you seem to understand the low shbg, sensitivity to fluctuations etc.

I read often about people who ‘blast and cruise’ even with low shbg, my question is how do they not crash or experience a rough time?

Also I recently switched from Test E to Test C and have already feel like I’ve crashed, so I need to wait until the test C builds up in my system?

I just seem so damn sensitive to any change at all.

Thanks in advance, appreciate all your posts and info :slight_smile:

Low SHBG doesn’t automatically mean someone is more sensitive to androgens, there have been members with low SHBG who feel nothing from TRT as though they are injecting water.

That’s how I feel at times lol!

Because using 500mg of test plus an oral plus maybe another injectable makes you feel great. You’re eating big, training a lot, and your body is coursing with androgens. We don’t (usually) experience a rough time because what we’re doing is designed to be different from a medical treatment for low testosterone. We may be using the same baseline drug, but the similarities end there.

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Yes, holding a lot less water and a bit better libido just a bit, huge improvement is in holding a lot less water