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does I need clomid

Im currently on a 500mg primo and 350mg winstrol cycle! “Like Primobolan, Winstrol does not convert to estrogen, so there is no need for any antiestrogenic drugs when this combination is used” Is this true? Can I skip the clomid and M post cycle? //Powerman

I’ll put money on the fact that these guys have posted when you do and dont need Clomid,you will have to use the search engine to your left…

You can’t skip Clomid Post-Cycle unless you want to really crash hormonally and lose most of your gains.

Just because something doesn’t convert readily to Estrogen does not mean it won’t surpress endogenous T production by other means.

Search for and read the “Steroid Newbie Thread” thread.

Clomids purpose is not just for Anti-estrogenic reasons. Sure, it is good to use for that purpose but it has many functions. It’s true that Primo is not very androgenic and may aromatize slightly, but Winstrol is very androgenic and causes supression very easily in most cases. Although Winstrol does NOT aromatize, it can cause testicular Hypertrophy from endogenous testosterone supression. This is another reason to use clomid even on non aromatizing steroid cycles. And once you reach testicular Hypertrophy it’s harder to normalize as opposed to the opposite. Although it may not be needed during this cycle, you could always keep an eye out and if your testes start to shrink during this cycle then start taking clomid. But regardless, it should always be used post cycle.

Another thing to add to this would be that estrogeon does not just come from aromatising steroids, it is also produced by your own body! Thats right! your body will respond to the supraphysiological levels of T: E in your body by producing more E to restore the natural ratio! So even though you are not taking aromatising steroids, it would be wise to have clomid on hand, just in case.

The long and the short of it is that clomid is dirt cheap. And is one of the most useful drugs you can have. BTW Tren ummm testicular Hypertrophy? I’ve had penicular hypertrophy but never testicular… Ok like I said I am bored…

and what protocol do you suggest after this kind of cycle with clomid? Im guessing different than more androgenic and surpression drugs? ( looked ror the newbie thread and couldnt find answer, sorry )

I would just follow a normal routine post cycle.

I believe tren meant testicular atrophy.

And yeas “yous alwaes does needs clomid”