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Does Humapro Contain Caffeine?


The ingredients say --> 210mg (Bitter melon fractionated extract, Coffee Bean Concentrat)

Does the Coffee Bean Concentrate contain caffeine? And if so, in what estimated amount?


I think if it had caffeine, it word say the word caffeine on it. So I don't think it does... maybe the coffee bean concentrate could be for the polyphenols which help improve insulin sensitivity??


Yeah , polyphenols is a solid guess. they use it to help with uptake of the aminos. Just wondering if that had a hidden dose of caffeine in it aswell. I feel nothing from it but still interesting


Nope. No caffiene. Great supplement btw using that chain'd out and chain'd reaction. Recovery time is amazing. Taste is great and I get great recomp effects along with just feeling anf looking more pumped n solid all day.Alri is one of the few who walk the walk. Alot like the Biotest boys here at T-Nation.


HumaPro is a shiny, golden God.

I do know that at one point I had kind of heard there may be "gray area" things associated with HumaPro. But I neither know more specifics than that or care.


I don't understand, what's so great about HumaPro vs any other mineral supplement?


humapro isnt a mineral supplement. its protein.


is that stuff any good? I've been looking for an alternative to whey but most of the alternatives I've seen don't appeal. I thought beef might be worth a try but apparently it tastes like Satan's asshole


What's the difference between chain'd out and humapro they are both bcaa's made by the same company right?


i dont use the stuff, but humapro is EAAs and chain'd out are BCAAs