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Does Hoodia Work for Appetite Suppression?


I am getting back into lifting and trying to cut my calories and drop fat. The thing is I need a good appetite suppressant. The thing is due to some medical issues I can't take phentermine or ephedra.

Has anyone had any luck with Hoodia?


A few options

A. Green Tea

B. Fiborous Vegetables

c. Chew Gum

d. coffee

Increase the volume of low calorie foods basically


Good advice.

Don't cut back on your eating too much -- make sure you're taking in enough protein to recover.

High protein/low carb/moderate fat diets are generally very effective. Try cutting your carbs in half to start, if you don't have a food log I'd highly recommend it! Puts a whole new perspective on leading a healthy lifestyle.

Cottage cheese and a small handful of nuts is a great snack.

Just my two cents.