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Does High Fat Interfere with Muscle Growth?


Does a high fat diet hinder progress? Im trying to gain weight, and was consuming around 300-400g a day of fat, roughly 400g carbs and 300+ of protein. For no rhyme or reason, I got it into my head that high fat could be hindering progress so I cut down a bit on fat, still roughly 200g a day. So im wondering if it matters or not, so i can get back to pouring olive oil over everything I eat.

Id like to aim for the 7k mark, as i have a exetremely physical job, and high fat is the easiest way of doing so.

I did a quick search on here, but couldnt find anything.


Unless it makes you full, and prevents you from eating other food, I don't see how more fat could possibly inhibit weight gain.


While fat (and fiber) can't directly contribute to building more muscle tissue -- that's the job of protein & carbs -- they still ably contribute to what's most important for progress: total kcals. And they keep you healthy and functioning, which indirectly contributes to progress as well.

So no, there shall be no hindering going on and if it's working for you, keep doing what you're doing.


How physically demanding is your job that you need 7k Cal?


I'm glad to hear it, thanks.

I'm doing hod carrying atm, just to make ends meet. I was still losing weight at the 6k mark


Holy shit, look at that avatar, jesus christ




i think you would get better results consuming a higher carb intake rather than fat...like 600g of carbs


I do aim for more carbs but its so hard atm. I have got upto 500g before, just need to be consistent with it.


yeah i definitely understand...that is alot to be consistant with everyday...

i would look into eating more pasta...it is very dense in carbs/calories...


Carbs are okay if thats your thing... I eat only high fat and protein, carbs meal once or twice a month... I dont see the point of eating something you dont need to eat to gain quality size. Your body doesn't need carbs. from my experience bulking with carbs... I added as much fat as muscle... 15 lbs fat 15 lbs muscle before cutting the fat and losing a few pound of muscle... That was before I understood nutrition...

Now Im bulking... High fat. Medium protein.. no carbs.. or if i do count them, its probably around 10 grams a day? or less... Currently eating 3k to 3,500 calories a day. Only gaining Muscle. not fat. and if you are still losing weight, on this diet the weight you will lose is FAT not muscle. unlike carb diets (from my experience)where if i have not consumed enough calories my body breaks down protein for carbs which = loss of lean muscle mass... High fat, moderate protein = Body uses fat as energy and keeps the protein going where it needs to go! lift heavy and you will barely lose any muscle and the muscle you may lose, you will get back Fast when you up the calories!

Stay high fat if you want to lose more body fat... the weight you are losing is not muscle.. infact you probably are gaining some muscle while eating like that! atleast ive noticed thats how my body reacts to that diet. Thats why its the best way to go (for me).

Best of luck, Keep up the fat.. keep down the carbs... carbs = insulin response = fat storage.. Why mess up a good thing?

You will get shredded on this diet FAST!!!

I went from 240 lb lard ass to 170 lb 10% bodyfat. took about 5 months... from my before and after #s on that cut 70 lbs only 5 lbs was muscle! Ill take that trade any day of the week.. I gained the muscle back in a month, and got even more after... upping the calories...

thats my two cents... Dont Drop the FAT! Save yourself the time! More fat = More Testosterone, More Growth Hormone and More IGF1... Eat more!!! Think like a caveman! Did they go to Olive garden for pasta and bread sticks?? Hell no, they ate animal! Be a Predator! and REAP!

Hope that helps bro... Sorry for the rant. Just want you to reach your goals! If you want a good fat meal, I like to use, half bottle salad dressing, fatty chicken and lettuce and tomatos. thats just one meal use your imagination, get some heavy cream! 6 scrambled eggs 3 tbsp coconut oil 2 oz of cheese for breakfast... think big eat big sleep alot and Grow! Best of luck mate! remember...

Be a Predator! and REAP!


Cheers for that mate!

Its the anabolic diet then really isnt it? I was on that a while back and lost 7 lbs in a week, then I slowly added carbs back in after reading its the best way to gain muscle. Im not too fussed about fat at all tbh, as long as it helps me reach my goals. My goal isnt being shredded mate, I wanna get hyooge.


Yes anabolic diet you could say it is. How about Huge and shredded? As long as you can meet your goal! Fat is 9 calories per gram. carbs 4 calories per gram.. So fat has over twice the amount of energy per gram. I like the sound of that... Success :slight_smile:

Look up a man (if you want) by the name of Vince Gironda, his ideas, and ways have changed my perspective on diet.

Best of luck!