Does HGH Destroy Insulin Sensitivity in a Mass Phase?

Hey folks,
I have a quick question which bothers me the last days.
I’m coming out of my mini cut after a good mass phase. I’m down to 9-10% and wanna start a new mass phase now.
I should be very insulin sensitive now. Will HGH at 2 IU’s at night destroy the sensitivity?

I know how HGH works and insulin and so on but I cannot wrap my head around this concept here.



Weird that you didnt(?) use gh on a cut. Best time to use it is fasted and before cardio so it not only burns fat but also insulin resistance it could cause would be negated. On a bulk you can just do MK677 cuz it’s cheaper anyways and 2ius of GH is not much - you can replace it with 2-3 tabs of MK.
Anyway if you are dead set on GH on a bulk, 2ius is a small dose, i dont think you will notice any difference as far as insulin resistance goes. Or any other difference, to be honest.
If you are still worried, you can do 4ius EOD instead of 2iu ED… Doing a double dose EOD is a protocol for side effect minimization and there are also some people who report much better blood levels doing it like this.

In fact, if doing it for a bulk, bombing a big dose from time to time makes much more sense than 2ius a day. I would even dare to say that doing 5-10 ius on your important training days to be better than 4iu EOD. For a small GH increase in the background you can just take MK…

Thanks tank.

Of course I used HGH on my cut! Morning before cardio fasted 1,5 IU and evening before bed already fasted for 4 hours same 1,5 IU.
It was phenomenal!

Now I want to continue with the HGH even on the bulk.
So you suggest to up the dose? 3 IU’s? I want to pin only one time and thought night would be the best time for growth and hyperplasia. I don’t want to go 2 IU’s post wo and then again 2 IU before bed.

I also have mk 677. I already thought adding it with the HGH but it will be later in the middle of my bulk.
Mk will be taken 10-20 mg in the evening with the HGH.
I’ve read a lot about the combination of them but it’s not clear what exactly will happen.


I dont think low dose GH does much for a bulk. Whats your IGF without GH and what was it on your cut? Is it worth? Cuz for me it sure isnt.

Mine were a bit over 400 on my last bulk with 4 IU’s split post and pre bed.
What would be a good dose for the bulk of HGH?
And I know it’s not necessarily that it’s the same for me as for you. For the sake of experience exchange :relaxed:

And whats your igf without taking any gh?

Baseline was 220ng/DL.
I don’t know what’s was on the diet or with the mk.

Then another thing I’m interested in, how do you approach after a cut. I don’t want to make the mistake nyhat I gain again everything I lost.

I upped my kcals but I fighting with hunger, more than on the cut. Yes I wann gain now but steady and clean!


I guess you can do GH like you mentioned. It seems that it does work for you. My IGF is 180 with gh and mk, lol, so its not worth for me.

As far as gaining again goes. I dont believe in lean gains or clean bulk or whatever its called. Gaining muscle is such a slow and painful process, you don’t want to waste 6 months by gaining 50% less muscle because you lack calories for most of the time. The only way you know you are gaining as much as you can is if you also gain bodyfat. Its just a normal process - 2 steps forward 1 step back.

Your most likely but unfortunately right!
I think the 500mg test blast doesn’t do shit. Yeah you can build muscle on 50/ test but how much? If a decent beac body is what you want than yeah, you can achieve it with 500 test after 2 years. But for me I want to be big and this doses won’t do shit. I think you have to take the right doses for a long time to get “big”. Of course do it intelligent with blood work and so on. But all the people who telling us you can retain or even gain with trt a full of shit.