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Does HGH Always Increase Heart Size (Cardiomegaly)?

If someone on T.R.T was deficient in growth hormone, then technically is better to take this drug added to their protocol, however is someone is just taking GH aka HGH for the sake of it, and experimental use can it result in Cardiomegaly? or can it result in Cardiomegaly regardless especially if some men do a higher dose than what is recommended?

I personally think anyone supplementing that drug in their life, even if it has some anti-aging benefits should approach with complete caution.

and i say this drug could be seriously dangerous longer down the line, once your hearts enlarged you will get Congestive Heart failure (CHF) and die, regardless if you’re a Not bodybuilder taking it.

I think should only be used if the person have a illness that affects their HGH production.