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Does Heat Affect Steroids?



For whatever reasons, I can't safely store my gear in my home so I store it in my car boot/trunk in a locked tool box.

Now, the car gets pretty hot, will this heat affect my steroids, will it make them less effective or even useless?




it depends on the level of heat and exposure. but in general, heating such organic compounds hastens their breakdown shortening shelf-life.

store the locked toolbox in the closet/storage room whereever if need be, room temp is how you want to store your gear to maximize shelf-life.


I would be more worried about the oil going rancid than the gear degrading if you are storing it somewhere that gets really hot.


In the same vein, the house I live in gets extremely hot during the summer, like rainforest hot. I'm out most of the day so the air conditioner stays off and there is no insulation. I wonder, when that time comes, would it be a good idea to keep my stuff in the refrigerator? Obviously warming it before shooting.


this is a bit off topic....but in Florida transport of these items may be a felony....here they take your vehical as it aids you in the commision of a felony.

Not good

find a friend to stash 4 you if you can.


go to target or walmart and get a 10 dollar metal lock box. Wrap it and cover it with a couple layers of towels or blankets and then place into a closed cardboard box. This will insulate well and keep the lock box very cool, I have done it before. You could also substitute the cardboard box with a styrofoam cooler.


Thanks guys.
I'll take it out as soon as I can


Another thing.
I'm not fussed about shelf-life.
This gear will start getting used in a week or so. But it has ALREADY been in the car for a 3 weeks.

So I'll clarify.
Is the gear less affective for my upcoming cycle? IT appears shelf-life may have already been reduced.


It would take extreme heat for prolonged periods of time to seriously degrade you gear. I'd imagine sitting in a trunk, which doesn't get too hot, probably not over 100 degrees F, wouldn't cause any or significant problems. As rainjack said, you'd have to worry more about the oil, but this wouldn't affect the concentration of the gear. My opinions anyway. I do not have experience with trunk-stored AAS.


Well, the inside of a vehicle can get a lot hotter than that in some places. Here, a month ago, an infant and a dog died when the mother left them in a locked vehicle. The temperature inside the vehicle was ~130 F. Personally, I could see how temperatures like that for a prolonged period could affect the oil.