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Does HCG Suppress HPTA if AI/Nolva Used?

My thinking is…

HCG —> Test and Estrogen

Estrogen --> Suppress HPTA

If we use Nolva to block Estrogen receptors in brain and AI to lower Estrogen, there should be no suppression.

What do you guys think?

Also, Rich Piana uses HCG while hes “off” cycle. While his teste’s are making testosterone, the rest of his HPTA must be off. That is unless hes blocking the negative feedback. Is this why he thinks he is “off” cycle?

HCG suppresses the HPTA and would not be used if trying to restore normal HPTA function with nolvadex.

It is an LH (luteinizing hormone) analogue, so mimics the LH hormone therefore suppressing your own production.

I don’t agree with Rich Piana’s thoughts on HCG use. It makes far more sense to look at how and what it is used for in a TRT context prescribed by Doctors. Application would still be the same for AAS use

I agree, No HCG after cycle, it is suppressing…Run HCG while on cycle, from day 2 on… Just run your AI 2 weeks after last injection, the PCT.

I agree. It makes sense.

BUT HOW… does the Hypothalamus know there is plenty of LH’ish molecules in the body, so it can reduce GnRH release, to reduce LH release.

I always thought that the way the HPTA keeps its GnRH, LH/FSH, Tests, and Estrogens was through negative feedback, aka too much of them, from mostly Estrogen, a little from test. So is LH directly negatively feedbacking the HPTA?

Bump this,
Any more info on this?

@cycobushmaster @KSman

E2 is the major feedback signal.

Increases in LH or hCG increase T production, more T means more FT–>E2 and more feedback.

Agreed. Is there any way to combat high ITT --> E other than keeping doses low of SERM and hCG?


Bro, get in touch with me, need some advice

What if someone used HCG 5000 ONLY each week for (3 weeks) and faced shutdown for more than a year
then what should he do ?

He should probably ask the question in a new thread, or at least one that is less than 2 years old…

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