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Does HCG Raise LH and FSH?

Quick question…

I understand HCG mimics LH, but does it actually raise LH and FSH levels in bloodwork?

I’ve been on HCG and TRT for a few years now, and my bloodwork always shows tanked LH levels (0.1).

I just assumed this is normal, but I thought I should confirm to be sure.


No. It tanks them if they aren’t already shut down. If you are using testosterone for TRT they’ll be at zero anyway, but inserting an analogue in the feedback loop is can’t result in anything but telling your body that it has enough and to not make more.

Thanks :slight_smile:

FSH and LH levels do not need to be checked while on TRT for the reason hardartery mentioned. It is a waste of money to order them. Hopefully, it’s not your money. If you are paying for your labs, and even if the insurance company is paying, I’d ask your doctor to stop testing them.

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