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Does HCG Need to Reach Subcutaneous Fat to be Absorbed?

The pharmacist said that’ll make a difference but not ‘crazy’ difference.

However my difference is CRAZY.

I think I just wasted 8 weeks of injecting HCG too shallow and possibly not getting absorbed.

I was on 100mg test/week my T level was at 757

I stopped that and started HCG Monotherapy of 500iu/3x per week

I just got the 8 weeks lab done for it and now I’m at 345 holy crap I thought it was gonna be 900’s like doc said. I anticipated it this whole time. I guess that explains why my strength gains plateaued even though I’m only a 7 month beginner.

I never injected at 90° angle and instead at 45° maybe less cause going straight hurt the first week. I continued for 8 weeks up until after lab last week and I’m now just doing at 90° without any pain sensation…boy i’m an idiot.

I’m gonna have labs completely finished as they aren’t done yet and doc may think he will have to add 100+mg of test to the HCG but I don’t care…however now that I’m doing the 90° angle correctly is it possible that my Total T will reach 1,000+ ?

I respond well to HCG but I am not on mono. I do 800iu/wk with a 31ga 1/2" easy touch syringe subQ around the navel. I don’t think it makes any difference going in at a 45 or 90 degree.

It doesn’t make a difference? My LH came back as normal in the middle of the range which means brain is telling body to make test according to what doc says…he also thinks I might be primary hypo since HCG didn’t do much.

He is adding 80mg test cyp twice week and I’m decreasing HCG one dose to 500iu/twice week